JUMPO is required to complete the transportation planning process continuing, cooperative and comprehensive manner. In order to accomplish these goals, JUMPO has the responsibility to coordinate TCC and TAC activities, complete a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), review and approve the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program, adopt a Long Range Transportation Plan and Comprehensive Transportation Plan, approve changes to the Federal-Aid Functional Classification System and establish goals and objectives for the transportation planning process.

Coordination of TCC and TAC Activities
Per the Public Participation Policy, the TCC and TAC will hold regularly scheduled meetings and adopt a meeting schedule for each calendar year. It is anticipated that these committees will meet approximately ten times per year with all meetings being open to the public.  At the beginning of each TAC meetings, there is a public comment period.

Click here to download the TAC and TCC 2017 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held at City Hall