Technical Coordinating Committee


The purpose of the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) is to provide general review, guidance, and coordination of the transportation planning process in the Jacksonville Urban Area.  The TCC makes recommendations to the respective local, State, and Federal governmental agencies and the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) regarding any necessary actions relating to the continuing transportation planning process.

Click here to download the TCC Bylaws

TCC Voting Members

Ben Warren, Chairman, Director of Planning and Development, Onslow County
Wally Hansen, Vice-Chairman, Public Services Director, City of Jacksonville
Reginald Goodson, Development Services Director, City of Jacksonville
Ron Massey, Deputy City Manager, City of Jacksonville
David Cotton, Deputy County Manager, Onslow County
Karen Collette, P.E., Division 3 Engineer, NCDOT
Sheila Pierce Knight, Executive Director, Onslow - Jacksonville Economic Development
Carol Hurst Long, Executive Director, Onslow United Transit System
Nazia Sarder, Representative, Transportation Planning Branch, NCDOT

TCC Non-Voting Members

Steve Myers, Assistant Superintendent of Auxiliary Services, Onslow County Schools
Roy Bredahl, Representative, Jacksonville Transit
Lt. Col. F D Hayden, Public Liaison, MCB Camp Lejeune
Stephanie Ayers, Director, Ports Planning and Development, NC State Ports Authority
Ron Lucas, Transportation Planner, Federal Highway Administration
Joe Ramirez, Public Liaison, MCB Camp Lejeune
Patrick Riddle, Division Planning Engineer, NCDOT Division 3
Randall Scott, Technical representative, S-4 Office, MCAS New River
Johnny Stiltner, Streets Superintendent, City of Jacksonville
Robert Vause, District Engineer, NCDOT Division 3, District 1
Christopher White, Director, Albert J. Ellis Airport
Mike Yaniero, Public Safety Director, City of Jacksonville
Debbie Collins, Director, Public Transportation Division, NCDOT
(open), Technical Representative, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Facilities, MCB Camp Lejeune
(open), Technical Representative, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics, MCB Camp Lejeune
(open), Security and Emergency Services, MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune
(open), Safety Department, MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune